Wonderful Places – A Year Well Travelled 2019

From the snowcapped mountains in the alps to the beaches in Bali, I have travelled with my drone and camera to document this amazing year of travels. As a full time travel videographer, I have had the opportunity to work with the tourism boards of some incredible destinations including the Faroe Islands, Madeira, Malta and many more. I have explored the beaches of Mykonos and filmed luxury estates in Italy. I have documented my travels through Sweden, Denmark, and Sardinia capturing the unique architecture along the way. Alongside the beautiful scenery I also filmed festivals such as Isle of MTV in Malta, including directing and editing. Even when left without a suitcase in the Philippines for 3 weeks with no luggage or my beloved Mavic 2 drone, and using a back up Mavic 1, I am always documenting travels to share with everyone! I hope you enjoy my year highlights, many more countries I haven’t even listed here so see which others you can spot! Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support throughout this year!

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